In this issue from our January 17th, 2019 issue:

  • Classes are happening this weekend but see which ones are not, below:
  • Ideas for locations for our summer camps is needed. Assist us, please!
  • Front Desk paid position open.
  • Atlanta Cert, bringing in what’s going on out there, for Skate Journeys
  • Volunteer marketing for re-creating our website needed

Happy mid-January, by now we intend that life has settled into the rhythm that has you active, healthy and enjoying life. I’m just back from Atlanta where the temperatures dipped into the 30s and we were outside doing a Certification. Candidates flew in or drove from Ohio, Chicago, Wisconsin, Iowa and Texas to take the Certification to become SkateIA instructors. I am always delighted and amazed at the passion found in those who inline and roller skate. Their commitment to succeeding knew no bounds and all but one passed. The joy at the graduation needs to bottled and shared among those who find Monday mornings difficult. It is no surprise that skating is expanding in a variety of ways as we come together to take lessons, or certifications, or simply to skate. We are Skate Journeys, but we are named for what is possible on our own individual skate journey. What is yours about?

  1. Regular classes this weekend with Mason teaching Slalom on Saturday. I will say that he’s been fighting a sinus infection, so whether he teaches two or one class is up in the air until Saturday morning….I will return for my early morning 5/6 class.

Aviya is on a skate journeys to Miami this weekend so no dance classes all weekend.

  1. We’ve just been informed that the Saturday classes will have to be cancelled on February 2nd and February 23rd because the Gym will be in use all weekend. We apologize for   the interruptions that this causes and the Saturday location is often problematic for us as the person who holds the lease does not often share the overall calendar with us until very late. They gave us the evening time slot and forgot they had basketball coming in for 3 months. Thank you for your patience with us!

IDEAS? Locations needed

So it turns out that the summer camp location we’ve used for three years now is going to renovate and they are unsure as to when we can start our summer camps, and with construction we don’t want to be on them, so we are in an intensive search for new locations. Many of you complain that they are too far away, and couldn’t we have them at Microsoft, so we are looking for ideas on locations. Please send them to

We have ruled out any Bellevue School District gyms. We are reaching out to Lake Washington School District but having to have a janitor on hand at all times makes it pretty expensive. If you belong to a church, or kids go to a private school, please let us know, we are looking on the eastside only. We reached out to Vasa Park for classes and camps but they recently redid their floors and their board voted not to allow us there (which is such a shame since it was a roller rink, albeit tiny.) Any contact people you have would be great. And, you can REALLY make a difference by assisting us.

Our list to research:

  1. Bellevue College
  2. Neighborhood Church
  3. Aria Ballroom
  4. Gersh Academy at Cougar Mountain

Please add locations that you think we might be able to research. Community centers as a rule are a no because they run their own summer camps.

We need: skating location like a gym for the morning, classroom for the counselors and our stuff, playground and play room for the kids (can be the same classroom) We pay a lot for the locations, so we are not looking for someplace free.

Front Desk paid position:

We are looking for someone to learn and run the front desk on Saturdays and/or Sundays. The goal is to have a backup person, or have them be regular as Tamara and Taylor cannot always be there. It’s about 3 hours each day: 9:30 – 12:30 and those hours can be adjusted as needed. We’ve found that it is best to pay for this position as we are looking for some consistency and/or flexibility.  Please reach out to to talk about the position, or to apply. We also have occasional Admin meetings for 30 minutes on the phone which we can tape and you can listen to if you are not able to attend on skype. Taylor and Tamara will train you over several weeks and as you know our clients are great and the interactions are fun. Join our TEAM!

Beginner 1, 2, 3 and Levels 4 & 5:

I’ve attached two files for you to print and keep in your skate bags. These are the guides we use to teach at each level and they are your guide to moving up to the next level. For the Student guide, that is for the adult classes and In Level 1/2/3 above the word drills are all the skills we intend to teach you and to have you master (generally) the skills below the word drills are those that will prepare you for the next level. For Levels 4 and 5, the skills above ‘practice’ are those mastered in each level and the skills below are those also taught but not necessarily mastered. The kids guide to levels is straight forward. We assess everyone on these guides, so if you are someone who likes to move up and set goals, then utilize these. Otherwise, just enjoy the classes and know that our Instructors are teaching you in a step by step progression.

Honestly I missed you guys this past weekend, I always miss the school, but sharing a few links that shows you what I was up to in Atlanta:

  1. Photo of candidates in Roll ATL a skate shop in Atlanta where we spent our mornings, teaching/learning inside! Small space, but great:
  2. After Cert Matt Lyon, a top skater who completed this course had us in this pic-he is seated. Malik Lloyd and Sonic Shah, are Examiners in Training and Malik passed his training and as of this pic is an EXAMINER (and I’ll be traveling less).
  3. The final pic of all those who graduated:

In the photos are a few of the top skaters in the nation: Sam Fistel, Steve Wagner, AJ Keane, Caleb Smith, Steve Diomampo, Matt Lyon, Examiner In Training Sonic Shaw and New Examiner Malik Lloyd.

It may seem unrelated, but I wanted to share with you how big skating is in out in the world and that lots of people are taking on different roles and that skating and in all the ways it can happen are expanding.  Z55

Volunteer position for website:

We are looking for someone who can assist us in creating the look and feel of the website as a non-profit. Feedback we’ve been given from a great source indicates that our website still reads like a for profit and we are looking for someone with a marketing background who can assist us in getting our message across better for what we are up to. If you know of anyone, or you are interested, that would be great. We also have one person who would like to assist on the developer side (intending to keep wordpress) and if you’d like to be on that team, volunteer for us. We will likely have one meeting together, in person and then the work will be done via skype or independently.

Don’t forget to post on our websites:

  1. private group on Facebook: (Just ask to join)
  2. Group open to all on Facebook

Thanks for skating with us this weekend! Cannot wait to play on skates with y’all.

Trish and the totally awesome and terrific staff at Skate Journeys!

Trish Alexander, Director
Skate Journeys Skate School

Saturday Morning Classes at St. Edwards Park  

January 19, 2019

9:20m Staff set up
9:30am Open skate for 10am class participants
9:45 1 SLALOM – for Kids & Adults-   happening!
2 LEVEL-4  Adults   with Doug
3 LEVEL-5/6 –Trish
10:35- – 11am OPEN SKATE (free, includes a 10 minute roller fitness class)
11:00am   Please arrive by 10:45am for 11am classes
4 BEGINNER-1 Kids & Adults
5 BEGINNER-3 & 4 Kids
7 BEGINNER-2 Adults
8 BEGINNER-3 & Level 4.5 Adults (with Doug & Jay)
9 Dance with Aviya for all levels   Not happening L
12:05pm Classes end for the day
Sunday Morning classes

at Bridle Trails


January 20th, 2019

8:15 to 8:30am Staff set up
8:30 to 9am Open skate for 9am class
9am 1 PAIRS with Dan  ?
2 LEVEL-5/6  (Dan)
Classes end at 9:50
 3 Dance with Aviya – New  Not happening L
10:00am 4 LEVEL-4/5 Kids
5 LEVEL-4/5 adults now combined
6 SLALOM –  Not available this weekend
11:00am 7 BEGINNER-1 Kids  & Adults
10 BEGINNER-2 Adults
11 BEGINNER-3 Adults
12:05 Classes end for the day

Mission Statement:
To TEACH people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds, the sport of inline and roller skating
To CREATE and promote physical education and build healthier communities through skating and other playful communities
To PROVIDE instructional programs empowering individuals’ educational, professional and personal growth

Saturday classes are at St. Edwards Park: 14445 Juanita Drive NE Kenmore, WA  98028.  Here is a link to the website with an interactive map:

Sunday classes are at Bridle Trails Shopping Center:
Located between Ace Hardware and Anytime Fitness. You’ll see our sign. To find us via your phone or GPS system, it’s best if you search for Tech City Bowl. It is on the most northern spot in the shopping center. Look for Starbucks and you’ll find us. We have our sign out!  Come join either session: Saturdays or Sundays or both!  We don’t list the address because it sends you on a wild goose chase. Just google Tech City Bowl and note we are South of it in the same complex.

Account questions? Remember, anything to do with money, class packages, purchasing, emails, Etc all go to

Our offices are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Ways to support us

  1. Take classes from us! This really makes a difference.
    2. Invite friends to take our classes. They must register an account online, sign up for the B1 classes and arrive by 10:30am.
    3. Donate?  Click on the donate button to donate via Click & Pledge or PayPal.
    4. (skate journeys) for when you shop on Amazon
    5. Volunteer. You get a 20% discount for your family when you volunteer. We have lots of volunteer opps: volunteer from home, volunteer at classes for 30, 60 and 90 minutes
    6. Evites? You can have your guests donate to Skate Journeys when you plan parties on Evites.

Upcoming Closures: (designed to allow our volunteers time with their families)
Saturdays February 2 and 23rd

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