Skate Journeys is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational and charitable organization. All donations to Skate Journeys are tax deductible. Skate Journeys’ mission is to empower confidence & inspire learning on inline and quads skates. Grants and donations help us to improve our services while keeping fees as low as possible to serve a diverse population.

Skate Journeys offers weekly weekend rink classes, camps, and after school programs which serve some of the lowest poverty levels in the state. Skate Journeys offers instructor apprentice programs including one for junior instructors (12-18 years). Junior instructors have the opportunity to acquire job skills, provide community service, and do something they love.  At Skate Journeys we actively strive to look for opportunities to develop our students’ full potential, especially among our youth.

With your donation, we can bring skating to more people, and help them enjoy all the benefits that skating has to offer: empowering confidence, inspiring learning, building community, and developing youth.

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Inspiring confidence & empowering skaters on quads and inlines.

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