Many accomplished skaters love the challenge of becoming an instructor, and the thrill of watching beginning students learn new moves under their tutelage. This training is for everyone who has intermediate skating skills on inline or quad skates and is looking to learn how to teach skating. No doubt participants will improve their skating skills during the process. This course will also prepare participants to take the Skate Instructor Association Instructor Certification, a prerequisite for possible future employment with Skate Journeys, or to run your own skating classes.

We offer this class once or twice a year, depending on demand. Contact us if you are interested. If you have an account with Skate Journeys already, you can click here and register for the 2019 course to be held in January/February/March.

The 16-hour Skate Instructor Training will prepare you to teach others how to skate well. The course uses a very systematic and well-proven teaching model. You will learn how to technically demonstrate and teach each skill, while also polishing your own skating skills. Below are the skills covered in the class with a lot of tricks, tips and fun in-between!

• V Walk and Basic Stride
• Heel Stop or Toe Stop
• Pivot—Left Inside edge
• Parallel Turns—both directions
• Backwards Skating—Swizzles & Pizza walk
• Spin Stops
• Crossovers in a circle—both directions
• Mohawk transitions—all directions

For more info contact us.

Skate Instructor Certification Program

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