Weekend Classes occur every weekend year round, excluding major holidays, Mother’s Day and Easter (see Schedule). Saturday classes mirror the school schedule and occur from Sept through June. Sunday classes occur year round.

On Saturdays our classes are located at Jewish Day School, 15749 Northeast 4th Street, Bellevue, WA 98008.  Our Saturday classes run from the beginning of October through June.  We do not offer Saturday classes from July-September at this time.

On Sunday our classes are located at the Hot Dog USA gym located at Bridle Trails Shopping Center (see Location).  Bridle Trails Shopping Center is located at 6601 NE 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034. The gym is located between Anytime Fitness & The Ace Hardware Store. Look for our sandwich board signs on Sunday mornings. Our Sunday classes run year round excluding major holidays, Mother’s Day & Easter Sunday. We are also closed on a few extra days throughout the year due to gym rental.

The weekend classes listed below are on a drop-in basis for all students who have completed a first class with Skate Journeys. Skate Journeys offers six levels of classes. You will be evaluated at each class and move up to the next level when you can demonstrate the required skills.

Level I covers basic posture and stride, how to fall safely and get back up on your skates, how to stop with a brake, and some safety rules and terminology that will be used in all other classes. This class is for both children of 5 years+ and adults. If you are new to Skate Journeys and have skating experience, your skill level will be assessed in this class.

Level II will improve your basic stride and stopping with a brake, and will introduce a simple turn. Drills such as swizzles, toe rolls, and scooter pushes will teach you to glide on one skate.

Level III will polish your forward stride, introduce you to backward skating, crossovers and parallel turns.

Level IV teaches advanced striding and turns, backward skating and cross-behinds, transitions from forward to backward skating, forever crossovers, pivots, and stopping without a brake.

Level V takes many of the artistic aspects of figure skating on ice, and translates them into moves that focus on techniques of body position, rotation, edging and weight transference. These moves include swing rolls, three turns, jumps, Skaters Stride, backwards cross-behinds, and dozens more.

Level VI takes our advanced skaters who have mastered the techniques of the first five levels, and teaches them to combine these moves into complex patterns, emphasizing fluidity and smooth transitions.

Fitness On Skates is our outdoor trail training program. We teach you how to skate using Intermediate Stride and Advanced Stride to achieve power and speed through efficiency. You can take these classes individually for fun, fitness and/or to set goals for 5/10K and skate marathons.

Pairs Skating teaches the techniques of learning how to skate with a partner. You do not need a partner to participate.

Freestyle Slalom is a form of skating that involves performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones.

Dance/Jam/Shuffle New for 2019 are our Dance Classes with Aviya Fowler. She comes from NY State and New Jersey where she’s been skating and teaching. Her classes occur on both Saturdays and Sundays when she is not on Skate Journey. Check our weekly newsletter for her classes. Aviya teaches in quads but her classes work for inlines too!

The amount of time you spend at each level will depend upon your goals, your skating ability, and the amount of time you devote to practice outside of class.

Our Mission Statement:

Mission Statement;
To TEACH people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds, the sport of inline and roller skating
To CREATE and promote physical education and build healthier communities through skating and other playful communities
To PROVIDE instructional programs empowering individuals’ educational, professional and personal growth

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