March 19/2020

Hello everyone,

Inline and Roller skating are in perfect alignment with the new paradigm and we have a couple of options (one is free!) for you to take on during this time. I’m just off to skate the Reservoir because a little Vitamin D and getting a little energy dispersed is a good idea (I’m in need of exercise). So get this:

     Skating is one of the things that you can do on your own and at the end of the letter we have some recommendations for where to skate…. Most are legal J

Private Lessons:

Right now we are responding to the plethora of requests for private lessons. We’ve created a sign in sheet for you via google docs where you can pick your location and time to take classes. We believe that private and semi-private (for families) classes will allow us to be safe, still continue to bring in a little money and to keep you going on your goals. All money for these classes will go to Skate Journeys only.  

Trish will be the only person teaching and all levels are welcome except no NEW skaters. If you’ve taken even one class from us that is enough. The requisite 6 feet, or more, of distance will be implemented and her loud voice is perfectly set up to teach from a distance! All classes will be held outdoors.


  • The classes will be 20 minutes in length, families can request 2 back-to-back private lessons and have up to 4 of you.
  • You will purchase a “drop in” class prior to each private lesson you choose. Cost is $24 for 20 minutes.
  • We will bring the van and the skates will be pulled out and waiting for you prior to the day so you must request any skates or gear by 11am of the day of the class. Trish will not be able to go to the van to pull items for you while she is teaching another class. No charge for borrowing our skates.
  • You must be in skates and ready to go at the time of the lesson. There is 5 minutes between classes to allow Trish to rest, drink water and greet you without being rushed. The lesson ends at the allotted time even if you are late.
  • You must pay for any lessons you do not show up for. However, you may cancel by reaching out to Trish 3 hours before the classes start (at 11am the day of the class) And it goes without saying, cancel if you don’t feel well and please do it timely so someone else can slip into your slot.

Here is the link to sign up:

You may purchase the classes here. You are to purchase the Drop In class at $24 each.

AND, for this is free for you!:

For those who simply want to take what we’ve taught and go out and skate on your own, we have 2 great and useful resources for you. Read the Overview first so you can find where you are on the grid:

  1. The Skate IA Skills challenge. This is a small downloadable document that has skills for basic, intermediate and advanved skaters as well as slalom and tricks. So pretty much this will cover all of you.
    1. The Challenge is a list of skills in the order you should learn them and is provided to us by Skate Instructors Association (should advise you that that company is owned by Trish and is separate from Skate Journeys)
    1. The Challenge Videos: There is a video attached to all the skills on the brochure (except for stopping and not all tricks are on the page) They are on YouTube so you can look at each of the skills for how to best perform them.

This is a great option for all of you. You can now go out and practice with both the step by step moves and the videos– and it’s free!

Hills & Hazards class coming next week. Open to only 4 people at a time. Will do this class over the next 3 weeks, once a week. 60 minute class, you can use your class package for this.

Places to skate:


Greenlake, Crossroads Park, Burke Gilman, Lake Sammamish Trail from Kenmore to Marymoor Park. A great map of these is here:  if you click on the link on this page you get here:  

Favorite trail, or one of them is the Bear Creek Trail adjacent to Redmond Town Center. Super fun place, park at Cost Plus and join the trail there.


Any basketball courts outside, like at Crossroads Park (both upper and lower). There is an open and useable space between the fence and the basketball courts adjacent to the Crossroads Park Community Center. I’m not saying it’s legal to skate here, but if not one else is there, why not?

Tennis Courts: there are lots of unused tennis courts. For sure the tennis players get priority. I’m not saying it’s legal to skate here, but if not one else is there, why not?

Marymoor Park Athletic Slab. Adjacent to the velodrome/climbing wall and cricket field. It’s legal to skate here

Jack Block Park, Alki Beach: Lots of space, pretty sure it’s legal as the Port of Seattle police always waves at us when they drive by.

Later, skaters, from Trish & the amazing instructors and staff!

Trish Alexander, Director
Skate Journeys Skate School                                                                          

Mission Statement: Teaching and transforming lives through inline and roller skating

March 6/2020

Hello everyone,

We are sad to say that we have cancelled classes for this weekend. There are a variety of reasons for this, and initially all of them were about the challenge that our key people to drive the van, open and close classes and run the front desk happened to not be available this weekend. And we find it prudent to shut the classes down in an abundance of caution for spreading the coronavirus.

We do not know how long this will continue as we are taking it one day at a time.

We wish you great health, joy and an intention that you find awesome ways to spend your time off.

Later, skaters,

Trish & the Staff at Skate Journeys Skate School


PS, I am in Moab, UT this weekend with spotty reception.

PSS, For updates on Corvid 19, please consider checking out Seattle King County Public Health  who has posted recommendations for your safety and health.

Feb 23/23, 2020

Hello Skaters,

I’m on the What’s App list for rinks and trails and the group is headed out Sunday from Urban Surf at 2pm to Logboom Park and Back. Another skater is meeting me at the Reservoir in Seattle to skate a few laps together. How fun that we are skating. While the rain returns on Sunday, it’s fun to head out. If you want to get on this What’s App group, send me an email requesting it and I’ll send you the link.

Missed classes terribly last weekend, but must admit that the 80 degree weather in Miami, although I was working, was a very nice break. And, I took a Roller Fit Class from Jessica Gomez in Miami and got inspired to add a few things! So look for our Roller Fitness Class to expand. 9am to 930am, cost is $10 and it’s GREAT!

This weekend classes are happening, all of them. The Apprentice class also returns on Sunday. Roller Fitness returns on Saturday. Schedule Below for those who love a good visual!

As a side note, Aviya unexpectantly returned to NYC so her dance class will not continue. Dang. Hope you enjoyed it while it was here.

B2 Kids on Sunday has been consistently busy so look for changes ahead as we assign more instructors and divide that class into Kids B2-A and Kids B2-B. Newbies will move into the B2A class while long time students getting their skills ready for Kids B3. This will happen over the next several weeks. We love this issue, because we get to create more classes and pathways for the kids.

Summer Camps have almost all filled up with our initial limits. As our Camp Counselors have a good idea of their schedule, we’ve opened up a bunch of spots. Lisa will be in touch with many of you over the next several days to update you on your waitlist status. We expect to be full by mid March, so I would not hesitate. We now only offer summer camps to full day participants (9am to 4pm). Early drop off and late after care available. Our camps this year are at Eastside Christian (with a bigger gym) and 2 outdoor camps at Crossroads. For our outdoor camps, you MUST have attended an earlier indoor camp either in 2020 or any camp 2019 or prior.

Later, skaters, from Trish & the amazing instructors and staff!

The new grids (Guides) for your classes:

We developed a new program for our instructors so we could be sure that we are teaching the full panoply of moves that are taught at each level. Often we move instructors around (especially for Kids Classes) and so we have not had a system to make sure that all skills are being taught in a systematic program. So now what we have is a document used each month that lists all the skills for that class and then the teachers mark off what they taught each week and this ensures we get to all moves. I’ve attached the basic grid for Adults and the one for Kids so you can see the whole list of skills for each level. Our grids/guides that we use are formatted differently but it is essentially the same list of skills used at each level.

If you wonder how your child is doing, or as an adult you want to see what the moves are, I can direct you to a different company (my personal one) that has a video of each skill. Here is the link to the SkateIA You tube channel:   

          Please ask your instructor for more details, or stop and ask Trish or Larissa.

Buying Inline Skates: So there are a lot of kids who are skating in the brands and types of skates that we do not recommend. The impact is that the kids are struggling to skate well, get on edges and complete tricks and moves that would have them advance. I don’t make a dime if you buy higher quality skates, but YOU lose out if you buy a pair of skates that are poor quality.

Why am I writing this? Because so many people ask me why their kid isn’t progressing and it’s sometimes because they cannot get the proper edges ONLY due to their skates. Trust us, it’s like asking your kid to play soccer in Crocs. Yes, it can be done, but they won’t be very successful. Don’t save the $70 on the skates, by buying cheap skates—it really matters!

We recommend the following brands:

SEBA (any of their models)

Rollerblade (only their high end models that run about $125 or more

ROCES-the ones at Shop Task, but note that they are one-time use skates and we will not assist you in reselling them as they are just good enough for one child, but don’t expect your second child to benefit from them as the quality breaks down over time (SEBA and Rollerblade high quality skates can be resold (and we will assist you) for about $70 so if you buy a pair for $140, then you can get $70 back when you resell.

K2 Skates (only their top end model) that runs $129

Poor quality skates:

  • Don’t buy off of Amazon unless you know what you are doing.
  • Do spend at least $120 on skates (they can be used for years, inside-outside with little to no maintenance and they all expand at least 3 sizes, so a good investment)
  • Don’t buy any model that doesn’t have a name. We’ve seen a ton of cheap skates coming from China that don’t even have a name.
  • Don’t buy: Schwinn, Nike, Roller Derby, ZPM (and I know a bunch of you have them) Chicago low end Rollerblade & K2 (under $120).

If you are not sure, send me a link to the skates and I’ll give you an honest opinion. For $120 you can buy a pair of skates that won’t wear out, and can last as long as your kid can fit into them size-wise. And when you are done, we will assist you in selling them.

Kids level 3 is offered at 10am and 11am and your child may take either. The 10am has smaller numbers of students. 😊

Thanks so much everyone, for coming to classes, for supporting us with our fabulous Year End Fundrising Campaign and for sharing our classes with others.

Later, skaters, Trish & the amazing instructors and staff!

Trish Alexander, Director
Skate Journeys Skate School                                                                          

Mission Statement: Teaching and transforming lives through inline and roller skating

Upcoming Closures for 2020: (designed to allow our volunteers time with their families)
No classes Saturday January 18, 2020
No classes Easter Sunday April 12th 2020
NO classes Sunday, Mothers Day May 10th
No classes Saturday or Sunday May 23/24 for Memorial Day weekend
No Classes July 4/5 for Fourth of July
No classes Sept 5/6 for Labor Day weekend
No Classes November 28/29 for Thanksgiving
No classes Dec 26/27 for Winter Holiday

Sunday classes at Bridle Trails Shopping center between Ace Hardware and Anytime Fitness in the Hot Dog Gym (see marquee when you arrive at the shopping center: Hot Dog: 6601 132nd Ave NE  Kirkland, WA 98033

Sunday Morning classes   January 19th, 2020
                     8:15 to 8:30am Staff set up
           8:30 to 9am Open skate for 9am class
          9am LEVEL-5/6 Adults
  4 – Toddler class with Saumya and Aviya
10:00am LEVEL-4/5 Kids
LEVEL-4/5 Adults
BEGINNER-3 Kids New  ( Same class 10 am and 11am)
11:00am BEGINNER-1 Kids  & Adults
  BEGINNER-3 Kids  (also offered at 10am!)
  BEGINNER-2 Adults
  BEGINNER-3/4 Adults
12:05 Classes end for the day

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