We are pleased to announce that we will recommence offering classes for 4-year-olds, our 4-T(oddlers) in June 2019.

In this class, we provide a very low instructor:skater ratio, and offer these younger children a fun and gentle learning environment, including games and techniques that help keep them focused and maximize enjoyment. Learning is done both in socks and while wearing skates.

When teaching 4-year-old children, it is imperative that they not have a gap of two weeks between lessons because they do not retain the information. Thus, we’ve created a program in order to ensure continued learning.

This package initially offers 4 classes for the price of $100.  Once your child has taken these classes, our instructor will determine whether or not additional classes are required before entering our regular weekend classes.


New skaters: 4 rentals are included.  Afterward, a skate and gear bundle is available for $8 (+tax) per week . For advice regarding skate purchases, please email trish@skatejourneys.org

We have sizes 10- 13, 13-3 and 3-6 in kids sizes. Kids who are size 8 or 9 can still fit into a size 10 skate because they are so stiff.

The goal of this program is to introduce young children to the joys of skating and help them to transition to regular weekend classes.

In order to sign your child up, please follow this link.  If you are new to Skate Journeys, you will be asked to create an account and then add your child onto the account before enrolling and paying.

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