Skaters we invite you to become a fund raiser for Skate Journeys by taking part in our Skate-a-Thon. Here is how it works:

  1. This event will run July 15-August 16. You can choose when and where to take on your goal
  2. Sign up on Click & Pledge (see full instructions there)
  3. Decide on what type of event you would like to create (skate a certain number of miles, skate a certain amount of time, and you can choose to walk, bike, or learn a new skill. You may also choose to do it with family members, so some may opt to skate, while others to bike or walk. You can create it occur over several days, or even the entire time frame of the Skate-a-Thon.
  4. Create a goal that you want to raise (e.g., $200 by skating 20 miles and getting 10 pledges for $1 per mile)
  5. You should set a maximum so that anyone pledging you has the total amount clarified before you skate/walk/bike.
  6. Choose the days and distances you want to skate/walk/bike (have rain days in mind)
  7. Set up your fundraising page and share it on your social media. (It’s the green button on our Donate Page. Reach out to those who may not be on social media (like grandparents) and invite them to pledge you too.
  8. Share it on our Skate Journeys Facebook pages and invite others to pledge you!
  9. Our goal of fundraising, is also a goal of expanding the number of people who know about Skate Journeys and all we have to offer, so your social media/sharing posts will expand our reach!

Click HERE for assistance in uploading your personal photo to your personal fundraiser page

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