Outdoor Classes and Rain: In the case of inclement weather, you can check the park conditions using Bellevue Traffic Cameras. We recommend selecting the Crossroads Mall Intersection camera on 156th and NE 8th which is one block from our classes. If it is drying up, or dry, our classes will happen. Bellevue Traffic Cam  click on the cams around Crossroads Mall at 156th and NE 8th.

Please note that class status will be updated 1 hours and 15 minutes prior to class start time if there are cancellations. Crossroads Park does dry quickly. Please check prior to leaving for your lesson! For last-minute confirmations, please text Trish at 206-276-9328

We ask that you cancel at least 2 hours in advance, however, if you or your child are ill, please let us know ASAP. There is a $10 charge for a “no show” without any notice, unless it is due to illness.

Saturday, August 8th (Pavement is drying quickly)

  • 11-12 pm classes – We are cancelling the first few classes but sending staff in case the pavement dries. It’s changing by the minute! Staff is going to be there!
  • 12-1 pm classes – Classes cancelled till 1pm, will decide at noon for 1pm classes
  • 1-2 pm classes – Classes cancelled till 2pm, will decide at 1pm for 2-3:15pm classes
  • 2-3 pm classes – On Schedule – check back at 1pm please

Sunday, August 9th

  • 11-12 pm classes – On Schedule
  • 12-1 pm classes – On Schedule
  • 1-2 pm classes – On Schedule
  • 2-3 pm classes – On Schedule

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