Skate Journeys Summer Class offerings:

  1. Fitness on Skates for skaters wishing to trail skate or improve efficiency and power on the trail. Should be Adults B3 or above. We do not offer this to kids due to the complexity of managing students who skate 50 yards alone on the trail.
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  2. Beginner Classes  This class is designed for all new students to our skate school. Even if you are a self taught advanced students, select this class and know that it will be tailored to your ability. From cautious to audacious, we can tailor this first class to your level. For kids or adults (and families too)
  3. Returning students Skaters will progress using our curriculum of The Skate IA Challenge which lists a series of skills, in the order you should learn them (each builds on the next skill). You will be issued the Challenge doc at each B-1 class and use that to progress through the skills based on your interests. The Curriculum offers five levels of skills, 3 for Tricks and 8 for Slalom and also has videos attached to nearly every skill. This allows you to set goals for practice with visuals on how to achieve each skill. See

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