Arrival Times  First Time Students:

All students new to our school and for your first class must arrive by 10:30am for the 10:50 am on  Sundays.

Arrive on Saturdays at 10:20 for the 10:35 class. This is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.

Returning Students: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class (@10:45 for an 11am class). We do not allow late students to enter  the B1 class.

What to do before you arrive: Pre-registration and new account setup is required before arriving to the rink.
1. Register an account for yourself. If you are registering children, you will set up an account for yourself and then one for your child(ren). Indicate that you are paying for your family members when prompted.
2. Select the class(es) you want from the list. You will always choose either B1 Adult or B2 kids. if you are self taught, we will assess your skills prior to class starting (key: arrive 30 minutes before class @ 10:30am for Saturdays or Sunday

Locations: We are pleased to be located at Jewish Day School on Saturdays and at Bridle Trail Shopping Center on Sundays. Click here for the addresses to our locations.

What to bring with you to the class:
1. Helmet:  We request that you bring your own helmet for hygienic reasons (lice). A bike helmet is sufficient. We do have extra helmets as needed.
2. Socks:   Socks need to worn with skates or blisters will result. Socks should rise well above the ankle, like a hiking sock. Shortie socks and/or cotton socks will cause blisters

Location of business office: Our business office is located in Seattle. We occasionally offer outdoor classes at a variety of locations in Seattle, Bellevue & Redmond.  Please check the schedule for the location.

General Schedule and Class Information

How long is each class?  Our B1 class is an hour, beginning at at 10:35 on Saturdays and at 10:50am on Sundays-although you must arrive 20 minutes earlier for that class! Each week, after your first class will last 50 minutes. There are 10 minutes of warm up before and after each class. Each class affords you the opportunity of one hour and 10 minutes of class (70 minutes).

What is the deal with the ‘balls’ at the end of the class? The balls are on the ground during the post class play session so that students of all ages and abilities can continue to improve their balance. Balls may be thrown at skaters’ feet. The movement of picking up the balls and tossing them uses a variety of balance points and improves the students ability.

What is the whistle at the end of classes? The Director whistles and announces, “cone patrol” and that is the signal for all the kids in the kids classes to skate around the rink and pick up the cones that have been laid out to designate each class. Instructors are encouraged to complete their classes when the whistle is blown. There are ten minutes of post class play where students can play with the balls, dance to the music and/or work on moves they’ve learned in class.

What happens when I return for my second class? As noted, you only need to pre-register for your first class. After you have taken your first class you are welcome to come when your schedule allows. For the second class, simply sign in on the sign-in sheets near the front desk. Your free second class coupon has been placed on your account, so there is no need to stop by the front desk. Just sign in to class and go!

Why are you closed on major holidays?  Our closures reflect the days our mostly volunteer staff are available.  Approximately 80% of our staff are professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, Microsoft, Google and software employees) and they tend to take the holidays off.  And we love to support them, because they are so generous with your time & talent with us.

Closures: We are closed on major holidays, and a few minor ones. See our schedule of closures.

Can I purchase classes online or at the rink?  Yes, you can do it either way.  We take cash, check and credit card at the rink and credit card online. However, students new to the school must pre-register online.  Please note that the special-priced “FIRST Four Pack” is ONLY available for purchase at the classes, and cannot be purchased online. You can purchase that special package once, anytime after you take your first class.

Do you provide skates and gear? Yes, we provide, free of charge, SEBA/Rollerblade and K2 inline skates. We do not have “roller” or Quad type skates. We offer Triple 8 wrist, elbow and knee pads free of charge. They are free for your first four classes. At that point you should know if you want to continue with your skating, and it’s time for you to invest. We do require elbow, knee, wrist and helmets for skating in our classes and events. If you need to rent gear beyond the four package of rentals you will pay an additional fee for each piece of gear.

Why do you require gear? Skate Journeys is a skate school and as such we are provided with quality low-cost insurance through Skate Instructors Association. The insurance requires us to have every student sign a waiver, and every student to wear helmets and wrist guards. The Board of Directors voted to have students also wear elbow and knee pads as well as the wrist guards and helmet because a recent study has shown that individuals doing balance sports like skating, benefit from wearing protective gear (USARS 2014 study). The insurance company also requires that all instructors be certified through Skate IA and to follow the membership guidelines and to maintain membership, annually, in Skate IA.

Why don’t you automatically provide helmets?  We ask that you provide your own helmet. While we do have a few extra Triple 8 helmets to loan,  we prefer you bring your own helmet to ensure hygiene and helmet fit. Helmets, especially the bike-type helmet, are notoriously time consuming to fit, so we ask you arrive with a helmet that fits. If you forget your helmet, or find it does not fit or is broken, we have some on hand.  $3 for the helmet rental, see the front desk to pre-pay.

Why are your classes only on the weekends and only in the morning? Our classes are now occurring later in the morning, ending at noon. We now have room for up to four classes each hour and we currently offer classes, on Saturdays and Sundays. We are looking to add some midweek classes. If you know of any private gyms/studios that we can rent for classes, let us know!

Who are the Instructors?  85% of the instructors, are volunteers who have become Skate Instructors Association Certified ( at their own expense. Easily 90% of our instructors learned to skate through Skate Journeys.  Our Youth Camp Counselors are paid for their instruction during camps when they become a certain age, and when they also teach during the school year, they are also paid. The government does not allow for a person to both be paid and volunteer in the same position. Our instructors run from 12 years of age on up to…..

Skate Journeys is a Non-profit Organization:  We are a 501(C)(3), and our class fees do not cover the cost of running classes but are offered at a price most people can afford in our area. We do this as a service to you. If you wish to donate to help defray our costs, you may donate with the donate button on our website at any time.

Volunteer?  Skate Journeys is always looking for volunteers. See our Volunteer Page for details.

For information regarding classes or our services, please call Trish at 206-276-9328.

For information regarding setting up accounts or established accounts, please call Lisa at 425-681-1317.

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