Skate Journeys relies on donations for about 18% of our budget. You can support us in expanding our school. In 2010 we received our 501(C)3 status and you have been generous annually to assist us in first, growing our school, and now, expanding our school. We’ve got our vans, our equipment, and the back-end items like an HR Director, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables and an accountant who keeps her pencil sharp and ensures we are up to date on reports such as our quarterlies and 990s for the government. We’ve build a solid foundation and now it’s time to move to the next level by expanding our school with Skate PE and more classes and programs. To do that, we need your support.

Our annual fundraising goal is $30,060.00 and we appreciate your consideration and support as you look at your gift giving for the year.  We bring in a bit above $100,000 in program revenue already through classes, camps and afterschool programs. Thank you for attending our programs and for donating!

Your donations go to a wide variety of areas and programs and we have listed a few below, each of which is awesome that we have this capacity:
-They allow us to offer free camps, classes and afterschool programs to those who cannot afford our programs;
-Creating new programs that may initially not have enough attendance to cover the cost of the program (like starting Saturday classes at Jewish Day School which only had 22 people the first week and needs 45 to cover our costs);
-Offering free classes to our staff so they can improve their skating; creating new systems for administrative purposes that allow us to offer better customer service;
-Hiring staff for classes and camps that follows our commitment to Youth Development;
-Hiring new volunteers;
-Offering programs one-on-one to those who may not otherwise have access due to being on the spectrum or having a disability that suggests they would do better with one-on-one teaching.

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For more information on our organization and donating in general, please read below.


Skate Journeys is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational and charitable organization. All donations to Skate Journeys are tax deductible.  Our classes, camps, after school programs  and weekend classes provide program fees that attend to a large part of our annual budget, but we must rely on donations to fiscally thrive due to the plethora of free and low cost programs we offer. We are fortunate to have a large staff of volunteers, but we also have a paid staff to manage various necessary aspects.

We are both committed and successful at providing  skating to some of the lowest poverty levels in the state. We also provide free instructor training, Youth Development and specialty classes in areas that would not otherwise be served. Grants and donations help us improve our services while keeping fees as low as possible to serve a diverse population.

Skate Journeys offers instructor apprentice programs including one for junior instructors (12-17 years). Junior instructors have the opportunity to acquire job skills, provide community service, and do something they love.  At Skate Journeys we actively strive to look for opportunities to develop our students’ full potential, especially among our youth.

With your donation, we can bring skating to more people, and help everyone enjoy all the benefits that skating has to offer: empowering confidence, inspiring learning, building community, improving fitness and developing youth.

Donate now        We prefer this method of donation, it is secure, takes all credit cards and the donation it is linked into our Accounting Software in case you need another copy of your donation at a later date. You may also let us know if your employer will match your donation via this method.

Donate with PayPal            Donate with Paypal. Always an easy and quick way to donate.

Go to  Did you know that when you click the button above to buy on Amazon, THEY will donate to our school! It’s a great way to have Amazon donate to us. Click on the button and Amazon will automatically set you up to support Skate Journeys with each purchase.

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Our Mission:
Teaching and transforming lives through inline and roller skating.

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