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Skate Purchase Order Form – Summer Camps


Waiver of Fee Policy

Skate Journeys policy is to make every effort to ensure that all children/adults will have access to inline skating lessons and/or attending camps due to financial hardship.  Several examples are noted below, however we understand that family circumstances are extremely variable.  If your situation is not in the list of examples, this does not necessarily mean that you are not eligible.  Anyone requiring assistance is invited to fill out the application found on the reverse side of this information sheet and bring it to the front desk.

Children / Adolescents who:

  • Are under foster care
  • Are Eligible for free school lunches
  • Have parents who receive public assistance

May have fees partially or fully waived.


Other examples are extenuating circumstances due to:

  • Exceptional financial loss
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Job loss
  • Substantial reduction of income

If you feel that you may be eligible, please fill out the fee waiver application on the reverse side of this sheet as fully as possible.  It is important that you indicate any circumstances that make this request necessary.

In rare circumstances, your latest Federal/State income tax returns may be needed to verify income.

At all times, the privacy rights of children, adolescents, and their parents/guardians requesting a fee waiver will be protected, and no one will be discriminated against because of inability to pay or due fee waiver requests.

Due to limited resources, Skate Journeys can offer only a finite number of fee waivers at any one time. As well, due to physical space and availability of staff to help at the rink, there is a maximum number of fee waiver students that can be accommodated.  If you are not considered due to availability of spots, you may be put on a waiting list.

This policy is communicated to all new students, parents, and adults via our welcome letter, which is sent to all new skaters.

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