Welcome New Skaters!

Please note that lessons for new skaters are currently suspended until such time as it is prudent to resume classes.  Please refer to our Weekly Update tab for additional information.

We are delighted you intend to take a skate journey with us. The first step is to register an account for yourself. If you are signing up a child, you will ALSO register an account for them. All new students are required to create an account on our online system.

If you have questions about registering, reach out to Lisa at the contact listed on the bottom of each page. If you have questions about the classes, (ie. curriculum) contact Trish. 

Lets start this journey…once you complete registration it’s a snap to arrive at your lesson. If you have any challenges or concerns, see the brief FAQs listed below the initial steps or simply call us with your questions. Also, it might assist you to read through the FAQs below the steps listed before you start to create your account:

To start your journey:

  • Click here to create your account .
  • Add all family members, starting with the person who will be purchasing classes  (primary member). Indicate that you will purchase for family members and share purchases.
  • Then click here to register  the person(s) taking the First Class Signup after registering. This class is for everyone 5 years+ and adults. (4 year old Toddler class? See next step). Please note:  Our weekend classes are held in Bellevue or Kirkland. Our Seattle address is for business correspondence only.
  • Students must pre-register for the FIRST class in order to keep a low ratio of 1-4 for the Beginner-1 Class. Adults and kids will be taught separately.
  • If you are signing up someone for the first 4 year old-Toddler Class, click here.
  • Pay for your first visit prior to the day of class once enrolled.
  • We suggest that you save the online store link.
  • If you need to reschedule, please contact us to let us know as soon as possible:
    • Prior to the Saturday or Sunday of the class, please email lisa@skatejourneys.org or call Lisa at the number at the bottom of this page.
    • If it is the morning of the class, please call Trish at the number at the bottom of this page. We are happy to reschedule you!

Quick FAQs if you have questions on the above requirements:

Creating an account is different than registering for the class. You need to do both: To sign up for your very first weekend class(es), you must create an account for yourself first (responsible adult) even if it is not YOU taking the class. Once you are registered, add any family members who will also be taking classes. 

Primary Accounts are for adults only: Please do not create the primary account in your child’s name — the primary account is reserved for the person who will be purchasing/paying for the classes. If you are a parent and will not be skating, we still need at least one parent to create and account in their name — this will be the adult responsible for registering and purchasing classes.

We require birth dates for all children/adolescents. Our system will ask for adults’ birthdates. Please enter 11/11/1930 in lieu of adult birthdates.

First class price plus the free class is less expensive than the 4-pack, so you save money on your first 2 classes! 

Self taught or above the Beginner class? If you are new to Skate Journeys and have skating experience, your skill level will be assessed in this class.  And you can reach out to Trish to let her know your level and abilities. Contact her at the number below.  We do request that you take the Beginner class in most cases, and typically you are only in that class for the beginning portion and then you are moved up to the class that is appropriate for your skill set. Exceptions: if you are taking slalom or dance classes. Contact us! 

Skating packages come in 4, 6, 10 and 20 class sizes. These packages may be shared with anyone in the household once that person has taken a First Class with us. Please note that these larger packages may not be used to purchase a student’s First Class. The primary account holder may buy future classes for the whole family and/or enroll classes, trails classes, and special events. See our Classes page for prices and schedule details. 

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