Children’s Summer Camps – Age 6-12

Skate Journeys Summer camps are a 20-year success. We offer only full day camps with up to 4 hours of skate classes and up to 3 hours of field games, arts and crafts, board/card games and other terrific social opportunities. Camp runs 9am to 4pm and early drop off and paid aftercare is available. Inline skates & gear are available for rental. Classes are taught to both inline and roller skaters. We will provide you with our COVID-19 policy as camp gets closer. We will likely require masks.

Important – please note:
  • Our camps are offered to children ages 6-12.  Children must be 6 years of age on or before the first day of camp.
  • Due to the limited number of camps, each child  may only sign up for 1 camp this year. Thank you!

Outdoor Camps

Crossroads Park, Bellevue:  
Large picnic shelter, enter on NE 8th

Monday thru Friday –  9am – 4pm
Camp #1  July 19-23, 2021
Camp #2 July 26-30, 2021
Camp #3 August 2-6, 2021
Camp #4 August 9-13, 2021

Price $360
$30 Deposit to reserve your spot


The Evergreen School, Shoreline:
15201 Meridian Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133

Monday thru Friday – 9am -12pm

1/2  Day Camp – 
July 12-16



General Information about our Camps and Curriculum:

Full-Day Camps

For 2021, we planned our camps for later in July and August so they could be offered during the warmer times of our Pacific Northwest summer. Because camp is outdoors, we are leaving the timing of the skate classes to dance with the weather. It can rain in the morning, but then be fully dry by 11am, allowing us to skate later. We intend to have 4 hours of skating available each day, along with three hours of classes and games, and an optional hour for later in the day. The average day, without rain, will start with skating each morning, (weather allowing) and then offer an optional 1 hour class/play time at 2pm.

Non-skating choices include a wide variety of activities: staying local at the playground/play area on campus, card & board games, arts & crafts, down time, up-time, social time to connect with new and longtime friends, quality time with our counselors, and an opportunity to enjoy team and mostly non-competitive games. The campers choose these non-skating activities hourly as usually three or four choices are offered each hour.

Campers return year after year, attend multiple camps each year (not in 2021 unfortunately), and often become counselors* after aging out of camp at 12. We are grateful to the parents who share with us the wonderful conversations the kids have each night about what they learned, played, and enjoyed. Skate Journeys Skate Camps make a positive difference in the campers’ and counselors’ lives, and we are committed to a positive, fun, learning, and social atmosphere.

*Our Camp Counselors consist of both volunteers and paid staff. Our in-house Instructor Apprentice Program offers preparatory training for the Skate IA Instructor Certification. SkateIA Certification requires that they must pass at 85%, the Skate IA Certification Program which focuses on a Teaching Model, safety, fun, and learning. It is part of our Youth Development Program  that encourages, empowers, and creates terrific opportunities for skaters to learn responsibility through teaching skating, Camp Counseling, and improving their own skating skills. Your child could be a camper today and Camp Counselor tomorrow.

We offer a 1-5 ratio of instructors-to-campers during the skating portion. Our instructors are Certified by Skate Instructors Association and range in age from 12-40. We also have volunteer non-instructor staff.

Our camps are appropriate for kids 6 years of age and older, including kids who are brand new beginners, advanced beginners, intermediates, and advanced. There are no refunds, switching days, or switching camps due to illness (with exceptions for COVID-19, see refund policy below). Please make sure you choose with the intention of taking that week of camp. Thanks! Cutting down on our administrative fees allows us to keep our prices down and allow our school to thrive–thank you in advance for your understanding.

SKATE JOURNEYS CAMP REFUND POLICY: the $30 registration fee is non-refundable, and counts toward the cost of camp. Due to the limited camp size, our expenses are higher than normal and we cannot accommodate refunds, thank you for your understanding. If you or your child tests positive for COVID-19 and cannot attend, we will refund the cost of camp (less the registration fee), a dated copy of your test result will be required in these situations.

COVID-19 Policy will be updated closer to the beginning of camp; we anticipate masks will be required for all campers.

Additional Camp:  Evergreen School, Shoreline (Private school, registration is done on their website):
15201 Meridian Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133

Skate and Safety Gear Rental: We offer rentals of high quality SEBA inline skates (Rollerblade-type) and Triple Eight gear for the week, so you don’t have to purchase your own. We do not rent quad/roller skates, but we do encourage and teach to both inline & quad skaters.

  • Skate Rental $35/week (plus tax)
  • Safety Gear $10/week (plus tax)
  • Helmet Rental is not available due to COVID-19 precautions

Please note that we reserve the right to not allow certain brands and models of skates at our camp due to their poor quality and the potential that they could damage the floor. Please see our Equipment page for details.

Require Skates & Gear? 
For your convenience, we offer rental skates and protective gear. When you register for a camp (elbow, knee, and wrist guards are all required). While you are not required to rent ahead of time, doing so will allow for an easier first day at camp and will simplify the payment process.

Please bring your own helmet. Bicycle helmets are acceptable as long as they fit well and are adjusted properly (see Helmet Fitting Guide). Reminder: we provide no helmets, and they are required.

While we only have inline (Rollerblade) skates available in our rental fleet,  many of our instructors wear quad roller skates and teach in them. For additional information on choosing/buying skates, gear, and helmets, see our see our Equipment page.


Drop-Off/Pick-Up & Aftercare: Drop-off may be as early as 8:30am free of charge (camp begins at 9am). After-camp care (4-5:30 pm) is available by arranging it in the morning at drop-off (see below for more details on after care). Given the popularity of our summer camps and our inability to verify when the skating will occur, you are only given the choice of attending a full week of full day camps, no partial camps are offered.

Aftercare:  Our full day camps run until 4 pm. You must pick your child up by no later than 4:05 pm or you will be charged $1 per minute for each minute you are late. Aftercare is available, if prearranged the same morning at drop-off — this allows us to prepare sufficient numbers of people to provide the aftercare.  Aftercare runs from 4-5:30 pm and costs $10 per child, per hour. Those late to aftercare will also be charged $1 per minute beginning at 5:35 pm. Aftercare is provided by our Senior Camp Counselors and you pay the aftercare person each day. You are NOT contracting with Skate Journeys for your aftercare.

Thank you for considering sending your child to camp.  It’s a terrific experience, one that will expand your child’s experience of what is possible in their life and their future.

  • Still Have Questions?
    Feel free to contact Trish or Marissa (emails listed below) if you have any questions.
  • As always, fee waivers are offered for our camp. Download the fee waiver form here. Don’t let money be a barrier to sending your child to camp!

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