New Students

Updated March 2022: Indoor Classes are currently offered at Lynnwood Bowl and Skates. 

New Students should subscribe to the newsletter on the interest form as we ONLY will be sending out information on registering when classes are offered through the newsletter. This is because this website is not updating correctly or consistently (and we are sorry about that–a new one is being build). 

    We move indoors to Lynnwood Bowl & Skate for morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • We require all students to wear the protective gear (helmet, elbow, knee, wrist guards) while skating during our classes and open skate sessions.
  • Due to COVID-19, and the requirements of the rink, all students must be vaccinated. Masks are optional. We allow students 5 years and older (kids & adults) and you must be ready to show proof of vaccination. This is not negotiable. 

And for those who are unable, or choose not to get vaccinated, we are intending to offer outdoor classes when we both hire an additional staff member and it warms up! 

Beginner classes each Saturday and Sunday: Separate Kids and Adult classes are offered both Saturday and Sunday. Arrive 9:30am, for your 9:45-10:45am class. Cost is $35 for the first class and your second class taken the next day or following week will be $17. 

Cost for all levels: $35 for a 45 minute small group lesson and a minimum of 45 minutes for open skate time. Total: 90 minutes. Also, if you take a second class the same day on Sundays, the second class is only $17. Ask us for the code. We provide Inline (Rollerblade) skates with 2 free rentals of skates and gear (+tax). We do not have roller skates, AKA quad skates for our lessons. And we will be unable to use LB&S skates. We do not provide helmets! We require them, and you may use bike helmets.

Returning students: a returning student is considered any student who has taken a Beginning class understands the fundamentals of the V-Walk (AKA Duck Walk) basic stride and can stop (fairly well) on their inline or quad skates. 

Group classes: We are back to offering group classes. Our intention is to offer them in small groups of 3 to 6 for the firs three levels, up to 10 students for the upper levels, but as we are starting up again, we are in the process of re-certifying our staff, so the size of the classes as we begin, may vary.

New Students – Please read these suggestions for a successful first lesson

NOTE: We will take your temperature upon arrival. And if you, your partner, or you child is ill or experiencing Covid symptoms, please cancel as soon as possible. The health of our students and staff always comes first. This would include CDC guidelines for Covid symptoms. or call 206-276-9328 to leave us a message about cancelling. 
Please cancel your lesson if you believe you have any symptoms as listed and/or if:

  • You/your child have a fever above 100.4 degrees F
  • You/your child have a persistent dry cough
  • You/your child have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19
  • You/your child has any other symptoms that lead you to believe that COVID-19 has been contracted

Purchase Policy / Returns & Refunds:
We appreciate that you have invested your time, energy, and money with us to help YOU reach YOUR skating goals; so thank you for reading and agreeing to the following:

For All Lessons and Lesson Packages  (indoor or outdoor):
1. Lessons Packages once purchased are non-refundable.
3. Unused lessons are non-refundable.

4. Prior to expiration, any unused portions may be donated to Skate Journeys for those who would otherwise be unable to afford lessons. The remaining value donated is tax-deductible.

Packages: Skate Journeys used to sell group classes but no longer offer them due to Covid. This section only applies to those who have invested in those packages. Please know that we intend to extend the actual classes to a timeframe that works for you. However, due to government regulations, we must expire them at the end of one year. And, when we do that, we re-create them as a coupon in your ‘account’ instead of a $Dollar amount. If you bought a 6 pack and used 2, you will have 4 coupons in your account for future classes. Thanks to all of you who are hanging in there with us! We love that you’ve invested with us, so thank you for being a part of the skate community here!

Terms & Conditions
Lesson Packages:
•You may share use of lesson packages within the immediate family and household members for outdoor classes with the exception of the first class.
You will need to purchase a first class separately for each new skater in your household.
Questions or concerns? Please contact Trish (see bottom of this webpage)