Outdoor Classes

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Classes offered include Beginner – 1, 2 &  3 for kids and Adults.
Level 4, 5 for kids and Level 4, 5, 6 for adults.
Classes are currently held outdoors at Marymoor Park at the Athletic Slab between the cricket field and the Velodrome. Bring $1 for the parking. You will register online with the link as either a New Student (no matter your level) and a Returning student. The New student class is $25 for 30 minutes and returning students pay $20 for 20 minute private lessons.

See the page for New Students or Returning students to select your link to register. The links will only work if we have active classes–so a sunny weekday or weekend ahead. Our newsletter will announce the delight of an upcoming class, so get on our newsletter list and ensure you chose us as a safe/emails to receive.

Thanks for skating with us during Covid where we’ll be outdoors until at least the summer of 2021.