Purchasing Skates:

Please read our section regarding Choosing Skates & Gear before purchasing! Many brands are not adequate and/or not permitted on our (rented) gym floors. The following businesses carry SEBA, Rollerblade, and K2 (the only 3 skate brands we recommend, with the exception of Roces skates for children)


1100 NE 47th St Suite 103 (located on 11th Ave) Seattle, WA 98105

A skate shop, owned by manager Brian Long. 10% discount for Skate Journeys Students. Online or in-person sales.

Open 11-7 weekdays, 12-5 weekends.  Phone: 206-402-4966

Mountain 2 Sound Outfitters  –

(located in West Seattle) with K2 & Rollerblade. 10% discount for our students

Inline Warehouse

An online skate store with Seba/K2 & Rollerblade.

Free Return Shipping. Discount coming soon.

Roller Derby Skate Shop

Carries quad skates and can help you learn about about them. Best Brand? Hands Down it’s Riedell. (note, do not purchase Roller Derby or Chicago quad skates, you will outperform them in just a few lessons.


Amazon and Zappos both have Rollerblade and K2 brands.

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