Skating Journeys new pricing for weekend classes


Our Skates

Skate Journeys is pleased to offer our fleet of inline Skates in the following brands: Rollerblade, Seba.

These high-quality, very supportive inline skates will set you up for success! See our
Purchasing Skates page for more information on purchasing or our Skate & Safety Gear tab our complete list of recommendations.

Note: Skate Journeys reserves the right to deny participants the opportunity to use certain skates on our gym floors due to the fact that they will ruin floors. WE DO NOT HAVE QUAD SKATES IN OUR RENTAL PROGRAM.

Skate & Gear Rental

inline Skate sizes

Skate sizes correlate with shoe sizes. Check your child’s shoe size, don’t guess!
When you sign up your children for skate camps, the shoe size you selected for your camper will be the rental skate size they receive. You can update your camper shoe size in your customer portal. Click “Update Details” on your child’s profile to change their shoe size.

MenSizes 7-13.5
WomenSizes 5.5-11.5
ChildrenSizes 10-7