Our Story

Skate Journeys is a non-competitive skate school that teaches people from diverse backgrounds the sport of inline and roller-skating, creating opportunities for physical education that empowers professional and personal growth. We delight in the vibrant community created when we play on skates.

Skate journeys is a 501 (c) 3 charitable nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire confidence and empower our students through lessons for inline and quad skating. Skate journeys is funded through class and camp fees, grants, and charitable donations. All donations to skate journeys are tax deductible. Grants and donations help us to improve our services while keeping fees as low as possible to serve a diverse population.

Skate journeys has offered weekly weekend rink classes, camps, and after-school programs, serving various communities in the pacific northwest. We offer instructor apprentice programs including one for junior instructors (12-18 years). Junior instructors have the opportunity to acquire job skills and provide community service while doing something they love. At skate journeys we actively strive to look for opportunities to develop our students’ full potential, especially among our youth.

Our Mission

To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating.


Trish Alexander, founder and Executive Director of Skate Journeys, started the company in 2000, four years after teaching her first lessons at Gas Works Park. Her goal has been to create a community of skaters that would benefit the greater Seattle community through things like summer camps, after school programs, and the Skate PE program. 

Though Skate Journeys began as a for-profit corporation, in late 2008 Trish and several teachers and students decided it could better serve the community as a nonprofit organization. On February 1, 2009, they made the transition, allowing them to continue the charitable activities they were already doing as well as add new ones. 

Skate Journeys continues today with the vision of building community, encouraging healthy activity, and having fun. With the support of volunteers, the board of directors, and students and their families, we will continue carrying this vision into the future.

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