Specialty & Outdoor Classes


specialty classes

Skate Journeys offers seasonal specialty classes taught by highly skilled instructors in specific areas. Keep up with class availability through our newsletter and website. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest information.


Skate fitness is included with the purchase of your class and is offered most Saturdays and Sundays. The session begins 15 minutes prior to your main class and includes a basic warm-up suitable for all levels, featuring beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves. Each class incorporates various moves, such as swizzles, one-foot glides, kicks, and edging, to prepare your muscles and edges. You may choose to participate or opt to engage in your own personal warm-up routine before class. Following Roller Fitness, there is a 4-minute stretching session, which all parents and students are invited to attend. This provides an opportunity to come together and stretch, while also ensuring that everyone is up-to-date on weekly events. Trish frequently highlights proper body skating procedure to maximize your learning experience. The session consists of a 15-minute class, followed by 4 minutes of stretching. Instructor availability determines class availability.


Requirements: This class is designed for students with Adult Level 3+ to Level 5 skating abilities. Prior experience with backward skating and transitions is recommended. The class will focus on core moves such as the Spread-Eagle position, scissor position, and Forever crossovers. After mastering these individual moves, we will work on integrating them into combination moves. While toe stops may present a challenge, they will not hinder your ability to learn and excel in the class. Unsure about your abilities? We encourage you to try the class and see if it’s the right fit for you. Please note that this class is not regularly scheduled due to teacher availability, but announcements will be made in our newsletter prior to each session.


Freestyle slalom skating is a technical discipline of roller skating that requires performing tricks around a straight line of equally spaced cones. The common spacing used in competitions is 80 centimeters, with larger competitions featuring lines spaced at 50 and 120 centimeters. Slalom is like figures in ice skating – slower movements meant to enhance your skating abilities. We recommend at least ten minutes of daily slalom during open skate or a class several times per month. It involves intricate movements around the cones in specific patterns, and our instructors are happy to provide a basic introduction to slalom. It’s an excellent way to improve your skating. Please feel free to ask us any questions. Available most days when instructors are present.

Outdoor classes

Skate Journeys offers outdoor classes taught by highly skilled instructors. These classes will increase your confidence and safety when skating outdoors. Please note that these classes are seasonal and dependent on weather conditions.

Registration with Trish via WhatsApp is mandatory. We use WhatsApp to notify you of upcoming classes before they are announced in our newsletter. Stay up to date on class availability by signing up for our newsletter on our website.

OUTDOOR SKILLS - How to navigate outdoor skating.

Come and join us for an exciting class on how to navigate outdoor skating! This is the first class for exploring outdoors and covers everything from trail etiquette to manhole covers, curbs, rocks/debris, and wheelchair ramps. Furthermore, we will teach you how to navigate slight inclines and declines and improve your skills by learning how to turn left and right – just make sure you are comfortable with parallel turns first! Don’t worry if you feel like taking it slow – this course is all about getting comfortable outside. Students should be comfortable using their brakes or toe stops. This class is required to learn and check your skills for the Trails and Fitness on Skates classes. The instructor will let you know if you’re ready.

TRAILS TRAINING - How to skate for distance with power and efficiency.

Get ready to boost your skate skills to the next level! This amazing class covers all the trail etiquette you need to know, as well as skating techniques for longer distance, more power, and better efficiency. Perfect for anyone looking to master trail skating, your instructor will take you through the fundamental basics of Stride 2 and 3, providing you with all the support you need to maximize your technique and power. And, this is the perfect class if you are trying Trail Skating for the first time – you will learn the basics of skating for distance. Students will practice on a short section of the trail (either a city block distance or a 3-city block section). Safety is our top priority, so students must be able to stop on skates before hitting the trails.