Instructor Apprentice Program


Instructor Apprentice Program

Many accomplished skaters love the challenge of becoming an instructor, and the thrill of watching beginning students learn new moves under their tutelage. This training is for everyone who has intermediate skating skills on inline or quad skates and is looking to learn how to teach skating. No doubt participants will improve their skating skills during the process. This course will also prepare participants to take the Skate Instructor Association Instructor Certification, a prerequisite for possible future employment with Skate Journeys, or to run your own skating classes. 

We offer this class once or twice a year, depending on demand. Contact us if you are interested. 

About our Apprentice Program:
The 12-hour Skate Instructor Training will prepare you to teach others how to skate well. The course uses a very systematic and well-proven teaching model. You will learn how to technically demonstrate and teach each skill, while also polishing your own skating skills.

Skills covered in the class.
• V Walk and Basic Stride
• Heel Stop or Toe Stop
• Pivot—Left Inside edge
• Parallel Turns—both directions
• Backwards Skating—Swizzles & Pizza walk
• Spin Stops
• Crossovers in a circle—both directions
• Mohawk transitions—all directions

Dates: Sunday’s, Jan 8, 22, Feb 12, 26, Mar 5, 12, 2023, Makeup Day Mar 26, 2023
Time: Sessions are: 8:45-9:30am & 10:00-10:45am
Cost: $150
Length: 6 Weeks, plus 1 Makeup class
Skating ability: Students who are Adults Level 3, Kids Level 4 who are at least 12 years old.

Important to Note:
-Fee waiver option 
-You are NOT required to take the Skate IA Certification, but if you want to teach for us, you must take it and pass it.
– Some students who are ten years of age have taken the course and passed, because their skills were exemplary. This course is available to them by pre-arrangement.
– Candidates who pass this course are eligible to become instructors at our weekend classes and camps.
-You must be invited by Skate Journeys to join our staff (volunteer or paid).
-We pay our staff under several conditions:
    a. You must be 15 years of age.
    b. We must be in need of paid staff.
    c. You meet the necessary criteria as designated by our job description.
– You are not guaranteed to pass the Certification because you take the Apprentice Course.
– If you practice and/or take additional courses during the Apprentice Program you are VERY likely to move up one level of skating skills.
– We don’t mean to be a downer about passing, becoming an instructor, etc., but three things need to be acknowledged: If 20 people take the course, we won’t have space for everyone, not everyone who takes the certification passes and third, not everyone who completes the Apprentice Course has the skills to pass the Certification. All skaters who are considering taking the Course should be aware of the skills, which are listed below the signature line.
– You can decide to take the Certification course at the end of the Apprentice Course. You do not have to decide prior to that. We will also advise you about your ability in regard to passing the course. Numerous students have taken the Apprentice course one year and then waited until the following year to take the Certification Course. We intend to set you up for success for your goals.

Certification Information

You should set aside the dates for the Certification Course, just in case.  You must attend the entire Certification Course Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday (Friday night 6pm to 9pm; Saturday 9am to 6pm; Sunday 9am to 5pm) Click here for Dates

A Skate IA Instructor course will be offered.  Click here for Skate IA certification details for Level 1 Certification. Those who want to take that test are invited to do so. It is not run by Skate Journeys. For anyone wishing to become an instructor for Skate Journeys classes and summer camps you need to know that you must also take Skate Journeys Apprentice Course first.

Here is the link to register and if you have any questions, please make sure you read all of the above and then call me! 206-276-9328.

Skate Instructor Certification Program