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Step 1: Create an account in our customer portal.
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: Register and/or pay for your classes.

** Weekend Classes have a specific Registration process for “New Students” to Skate Journeys. See classes below for more details. Note: Most our classes use the customer portal to register & pay. Follow directions given on specific class you’re registering for.
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Step 1:
Create an account in our customer portal.
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Step 2:
Register and pay for your classes.

** Weekend Classes: Pre-pay for your classes to receive a discount. Drop-in to the class you want. See Classes below for specific directions on how to drop-in for classes. Note: Most our classes use the customer portal. Follow directions given on specific class you’re registering for.

Step 1:      Go Customer Portal and choose “create account” or go to this link.

Step 2:     Fill out the form.

Step 3:     Put your phone number – This will be you customer ID.

Step 4:     When complete, you will receive an email from

Step 5:     Set your password. (link inside email)

Step 6:     Sign into your Account on customer portal and log-in.

Now that you have an account set up on the Customer Portal you can register and pay for any of our classes and programs.

Go to All CLASSES AND PROGRAMS for Registration information on specific Classes.

For weekend classes you do not need to Register unless you are New to Skate Journeys. All Retuning Students Pre-Pay for Classes and Drop in. CLICK HER FOR WEEKEND CLASS DIRECTIONS.

All Classes & Programs

Weekend Classes

Location: Lynnwood Bowl & Skate. Location address: 6210 200th St SW, Lynwood, WA 98036. South side of the building. more details: Click here

First time to Skate Journeys:
Register for: Learn to Skate – First class (B1).
This is for NEW & EXPERIENCED skaters alike.
Directions for Registration and payments

Returning Students: 
Pre-pay on the Customer Portal for classes and Drop-in to the rink.

More info on classes: Click here>>

Important links:
Classes offered: Click here>>
Calendar:  Click here>>

Summer Skate Camps

New to Skate Journeys? Create an account on Customer Portal First, then Register. Click here>>.

Camp Registration is still open for some classes.

Summer Camp Sessions 2 & 3 are SOLD OUTSpaces still remain in Camp Sessions 1 & 4, register today! (4/14/2024)

Camp Session 1 (July 15 – 19) –  4 spaces available
Camp Session 2 (July 22 – 26) –  SOLD OUT!
Camp Session 3 (Aug 5 – 9)     –  SOLD OUT!
Camp Session 4 (Aug 12 – 16) – 12 spaces available

Program Scholarship Options (aka Fee Waivers) – We have additional camp spots remaining for those facing financial obstacles and are approved for a Scholarship.

We don’t want finances to stop anyone from participating in our skate programs!

Important note: *Only 1 camp per camper! Camps are Non-Refundable.
**Note:  We will not be offering camps at Crossroads this year.

A $30 deposit is required to secure your reservation. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Outstanding balance will be charged one week before camp. Thank you for booking with us. 

Camp registrations, like last year, will be processed through the Customer Portal click here>>.  Make sure you have your account set up prior to registering for camp!

Contact us with questions. click here>> 

Every year we will announce opening date in our Newsletter and through social media accounts.

Important Links:
Customer Portal: Click here>>
Skate Camp information: Click here>>
Calendar Click here>>
Newsletter Click here>>

Instructor Apprentice Program

Dates: FALL 2024
October 20, 27
November 3, 17
December 1, 8
Make up: Dec 15th.

PRICE: $175.00
Sundays for 6 weeks – Plus 1 make-up class.

Sessions are Sundays. 8:45-9:30am & 10:00-10:45am

Registration will be available soon.

Watch for announcements in our newsletter when in-between programs.
Newsletter Sign-Up – Skate Journeys

Learn more about the Instructor Apprentice Program. Click here>>

For Event Calendar:
Click here>>

For more information fill out our Instructor Apprentice program interest form.  Click here>>

Holiday Camps

We will post how to Register for Holiday Camps when we post they are available for Registration.

NO REFUNDS for these camps.

For more information on Holiday camp click here.


Register for your Learn to Skate - First Class
Step 1:     LOG-IN to your account on Customer Portal.


Step 3:     Go to: “Please select a class”.

Step 4:     Select: B1 Kids or B1 Adults then complete form. Note: B1 is your “Learn to Skate – First Class”

Step 5:     Show up at the rink
Checking in at the rink

Step 1:     Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your lesson at Lynnwood Bowl and Skate. Enter at the South side of the building.

Step 2:     WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable clothing, mid- length socks or higher, preferably made of a poly-wool/cotton blend.

Step 3:     WHAT TO BRING: Bring Water Bottle (No water at location). It is recommended to bring your own helmet for comfort and hygiene reasons however helmets are available for use if you forget yours or do not have one.

Step 4:     CHECK-IN On arrival check in with the host at the sign-in table for further instructions (Jordan & Tamara): You will be directed by the host where to gear up, place your personal items and to the Adult and children’s area which are separate.

Step 5:    SIGN-IN. Make sure you write your FIRST & LAST NAME on the paper sign roster.

Step 6:     WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS: You instructor will arrive at start of lesson. They will instruct you on HOW to put on your gear and skates.  Do not put on your gear prior. They may also adjust your helmet.

Step 7:  Kids new to Skate Journeys go through an off-skate warm-up and instructions before putting skates on.

Step 8:     EXPERIENCED SKATERS WHO ARE NEW TO SKATE JOURNEYS – let your instructor know you have skated before and need to be evaluated to see which class you belong in.

Pre-pay for your classes
Step 1:     Log-in to the customer portal.

Step 2:     PRE-PAY and have classes on account.
Note: if you do not PRE-PAY you will receive an email with a link to pay.

If you have any issues, click here contact us.
Drop-in & Checking in at the rink

Step 1:    DROP-IN: Come to Lynnwood Bowl & Skate rink, located on the south side of the building.

Step 2:    Register for your desired class by scanning the QR code for CLASSES at the check-in desk and following the link to the customer portal. Your phone number (without dashes) will be your Customer ID. Jordan and Tamara will be there to assist you.

Step 3:   Write your First and Last name on the sign-in Roster.

Note: If you have not pre-paid, you will receive an email with a payment link after checking in with your QR code. Please contact us if you experience any issues.

If you have any issues registering for any of our classes or programs, please Contact Us for assistance.