Youth Programs


Skate Journeys is committed to empowering Seattle’s youth through our dynamic youth programs. Our summer skate camps, SkatePE, After School programs, and Instructor Apprentice programs offer inline and roller skate instruction in a safe and enjoyable environment that fosters self-confidence and physical fitness.

Skate PE

Inline and roller skating programs are a fantastic way to inspire children to adopt a more active lifestyle. By partnering with us, schools can introduce these programs into their PE classes and have the opportunity to transform the lives of their students.

After School

Unlock your child's potential and empower them with inline and roller-skating skills in a dynamic and secure environment that goes beyond the four walls of a typical classroom. Our program operates as a club, fostering personal growth opportunities at every turn.

Instructor Apprentice

Learn how to teach inline and roller skating and unlock opportunities to become an apprentice instructor or ambassador for Skate Journeys. This training is available for both adults and youth who share a passion for skating.