Newsletter 1/3/2024

Skate Journeys Inline and Quad Skate School

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

Happy New Year Skaters!We are super excited to get back together after so many weeks off. We hope you’ve had a good break, and the new year has you excited about what is possible for your skating, for your family, and for your life.

Skate Journeys’ Admin Team (Tamara Sherry, Debbie Sumner, Marissa Peterson, Cindy P and myself (Trish)) have been meeting several times every week to build a foundation for Skate Journeys that allows us to adapt to our new location in Lynnwood Bowl & Skate, and to use staff to inject new ideas and fun into who we are and what we offer. We look forward to working with y’all as a TEAM to teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating. That is our mission, after all.1.   Regular classes this weekend: –with a twista.   Saturday class, Jan 6th, this weekend is free ANDi.    You must have your Customer Portal account set up to take advantage of the free class.ii.    After your account is set up, you’ll come to the rink, scan the QR check-in code and choose the class you wish to take. YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT AND SCAN THE QR CODE TO TAKE OUR CLASSES.iii.    Then you will hand-sign-in to the class you want to take go get geared up and skate.

b.   Sunday classes are our regular classes. $25 per class (w/ purchase of 4-pack), $35 for the B1 class. All classes are available.c.    We intend to post the class schedule each week, and please know that it is subject to change up until the class starts!

2.   We are open all Saturdays and Sundays in January & February, even Martin Luther King & President’s Day weekend. Join us and create a habit worth maintaining.
Thanks for joining us!

Upcoming Classes & Events

Level 1 Skate IA Instructor Certification occurs on January 18/20 & 21, so wishing them good luck and know that we are sending out pertinent info today, to all of you.

Fall Fundraiser Update

Fundraising update. A huge thanks to all of you who donated (and you still can as we’ve extended the FALL FUNDRAISER until January 10th. We just received a $10,000 donation from an anonymous person (and yes I was in tears when I saw it—so thank you so much) and just got a $2,000 donation from one of our instructor families. And the support of all of you with $2, 5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 and more combinations means that we are supported. Admittedly our base donations are down, and we are grateful for every penny, nickel and dime! THANK YOU AND YES, WE ARE SCREAMING IT!

Thank you! Trish & the SJ Team