Newsletter 1/7/2024

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

Hello Skaters,

So lovely to have busy classes again, thanks so much for inviting your neighbors and friends!

1.   Regular classes this weekend!

2.   Please remember to do four things when registering for classes:
   a.   Purchase classes if needed FIRST, so you get the discounts we offer.
   b.   Scan QR Code and fully sign up for the class.
   c.    Fill out the sheet, in pen, with both first and last name.
   d.   Go skate!

3.   We recommend a slalom class at least once a month if you really want to improve your skating. We are taking the kids to the slalom cones during their classes for a few minutes during each class. Slalom teaches you edging, power and control. Ask Pacific, Mason & Joe to show you the basics and then you can practice on your own, or before/after classes as we keep them set up while we are on the rink.

Skate Journeys Inline Skate Instructor Mason.

Upcoming Classes & Events

We’re excited to announce that we will be running an After-school program at East Ridge Elementary School starting this April. The registration sold out in under 24 hours!

If you want Skate Journeys to run a program at your school, email!

Skate Journey Inline and roller skate school

Skate Tip of the Week


Did you remember from your first lesson that you have 3 edges?1. Inside edge, when your big toe is closer to the ground (inlines) or there is more pressure on the inside toe SIDE of the foot (quads).
2. Center edges is wheels straight up and down (inlines) and equal distribution of weight over all four/eight wheels for quads skating and…
3. Outside edges where the little toe is closer to the ground (inlines) or the little toe side of the foot has more pressure (quads).

And why does it matter? All moves are done on a particular edge and knowing which edge is needed for a move is the difference between a good skater & a great skater.
The outside edge is the strongest of all edges and produces the most power and efficiency, for most moves.

Other News

Cooking Class Fundraiser Rescheduled! Due to low participation, we’re rescheduling our cooking class fundraiser with Dash of Soy, for the month of May. Stay tuned for the new date!

Grant Advisory Team – We’re looking for people to volunteer to give opinions and feedback on the grants we’re submitting this year.
We’re applying for the King County HCPF Tier 2 grant , that rewards up to $250K for youth programs! 
Please email Marissa if you’re interested:

Thank you for your support! Trish & the SJ Team