Newsletter 11/09/2023

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

Hello skaters, have you tried raking the leaves with your skates on? It‚Äôs faster but a bit more slippery. ūüôā

1.   Regular Classes this weekend2.   Roller Fitness at 9:40am

3.   Shaun is teaching Skate Jam on Sunday, again! 10am!  Weeeee

4.   No classes on Nov 25/26 (but we do have camp on those days)

Upcoming Classes & Events

1.  The Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday Camp is coming! Three days of camps with a new discount: If you buy the full day ($50), for two days, you get the third free! Fri/Sat/Sun of Thanksgiving Day weekend. $20 per hour or $50 for three hours. more info

2.¬†¬†¬†Free Thanksgiving Day Skate¬†‚ÄstThursday, Nov 23rd: 9am to 11am. It‚Äôs a fundraiser!¬†You can bring friends and family, they will need to wear all the gear and our¬†skate rentals are free, first come, first served.¬†
3.   Skate Jam w/ Shaun Kelly Sunday, November 19th at 10am!

4.   New Client Portal coming soon (with packages & reduced prices!) Starts Dec 2nd, but you can get your account set up prior to Dec 2nd. And if you joined us for camps, you ALREADY have an account. Look for details in the next two weeks.

Tip of the Week

Keep your hands steady!Our upper body creates our balance, so when your Instructors ask you to keep your hands steady… it’s because your feet do the work, and the upper body’s job is to balance you throughout the move. 

Employee Spotlight

Mason Sherry:
Mason teaches Slalom on Sundays, and skates slalom every other day of the week. He also can be found skating Greenlake daily. He‚Äôs been skating with us and teaching with us for well over a decade and he is STILL so excited to teach each week. When not skating, he is the manager at the Paramount Theater (and other management positions with the Seattle Theatre Group). He and his wife Tamara (front desk/HR with SJ) skate all the time and it‚Äôs a family affair, as daughter Isabella is a Skate Instructor and used to skate with us until she went to college, and their other child, Florian, skates too (of course). Mason is a dynamic person who always shows up with a great attitude, defines ‚Äėfamily‚Äô and has made such a huge difference for Skate Journeys in a billion ways. We are grateful for his presence, his energy and the great ideas he shows up with. Take a class from him, you‚Äôll see what a treasure he is!

other news

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ONE PERSON,TAKING 2 CLASSES ON SUNDAYS. Code for second class: skateX2

Thank you for your support! Trish & the SJ Team