Newsletter 11/22/2023

Skate Journeys Inline and Quad Skate School

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

THanksgiving day edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Drop-in FREE session for our Thanks-Skating-Day fundraiser kickoff event on Thanksgiving Day: 9am to 11am at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate (LB&S).  What to expect:

When you arrive, the tables will be set up and you will:

1.   Sign in EVERY member of your family, whether they skate or not. It’s a Fundraiser so we need to collect the name (no additional details) for each person attending. Just your name.

2.   Sign a waiver for everyone who is skating: Liability waiver and photo release. If you decline the photo release, see staff so we can put tape on your helmet, so we don’t use any photos of you. Content will be shared on our social media & website.

3.   Get skates and gear as needed (rentals). First come, first served. We cannot use LB&S rental skates, so only our inline skates are available to rent for FREE. Please share with your guests that they will need to wear ALL protective gear (elbow, knee, wrist guards) & a helmet.

Please bring a helmet, we will have some available for use.

4.   Donate if you can. This free skate session is the kickoff event for our annual Fall Fundraiser ! We are matching each donation up to $8,000.

5.   Go skate and play. Enjoy the open skate session! No lessons available.

More info

Thanksgiving weekend camp

Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday CAMP: Fri/Sat/Sun, for ADULTS & KIDS

9am to noon each day at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate (LB&S)$20 per hour and $50 for the whole day. If you take the whole day option and attend Fri & Sat, you get Sunday free! ($100 for three days)

What to expect:
1.   Tables will be set up for you to drop-in.

2.   Parents: You must sign in with contact info so we can contact you if you are leaving your child.

3.   Aftercare pricing: If you are late picking up your child and have not warned us: $1 per minute starting at 12:05pm (5-minute grace period). CASH will be paid to Jordan, our staff member who will be off the clock. If you pre-arrange to be a bit late it’s $10 per half hour.

4.   Scan QR code to Drop-In and choose 1hr, 2hr, or whole day option. (also, optional Beginner class from 11am to noon) the waiver is on the QR code sign-up.

5.   Skates and gear free, please bring a helmet (especially kids/lice issue) while supplies last.

6.   On the rink: Kids and adults will be grouped separately most of the time for games and playing. Slalom on the back wall for all three hours.

7.   Instructors will offer one 30-minute session per level, per day (B2, B3, Level 4/5) for adults and kids. Mostly it will be games for kids and practice time (but fun) for adults. Staff will be out on the rink to work with!

Other updates

Directions for setting up a Customer Portal account for weekend classes will come out this Monday and you’ll have all week to create an account. Once you set up your account, it will be super easy to purchase and pay for classes. New pricing with the new Customer Portal!  Hey! We are CLOSED December 10th due to a derby bout.  

Thank you for your support! Trish & the SJ Team