Newsletter 12/20/2023

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

1. No classes this weekend. Happy holidays!

2. Free skate class on Saturday January 6th – put this day on your calendar.       a.   Join us as we break in the new year with a free class to celebrate you. You’ll need to have your account set up and upon arriving at the rink you will scan QR code with your phone to sign up for the class.
3. Gift cards available. See details below.

Upcoming classes and events

HOLIDAY CAMP on Thursday/Friday Dec 28th & 29th.9:00am to 12:00pmMore details on website.

9:00am – 12:00pmClasses are 10:30am to 11:00am & 11:30am to 12:00pm
11:00am – 11:45amLEARN TO SKATE BEGINNER CLASS – $20 for class and 15 min free skate after.
9:30am Game (obstacle course & limbo)
10:00amGame (4 corners) Small snack
10:30amRaces – Prizes awarded, Small snack
11:00AM – 11:45AMLEARN TO SKATE BEGINNER CLASS – $20 for class and 15 min free skate after.
11:00amSlalom races & three legged race, Small snack
11:15amRed Light Greenlight & Conga line, Small Snack
11:30amBackwards races for intermediates and Shark & minnows with seaweed for all, Bring the balls out.

Fall Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we are grateful.
Admittedly donations are down just a bit, so if you’ve not got it on your to-do list yet, and you are intending to donate, we’d love to have you click on the button. Remember all donations are matched and if your company matches we will match both your donation and the company donation!

The money is going towards the programs where we are able to offer fee waivers to students and campers and to those which support our Youth Development Programs. Your money allows us to make a difference, and when people learn to skate, they learn to empower themselves…we intend to transform lives through skating and require donations to make that possible. We are a 501c3 and you’ll receive a receipt with all necessary info about our Non-Profit.

gift cards

1. GIFT CARDS are now available!Go to our new Gift Card page to purchase the gift of skating for someone you love!Redemption instructions and terms & conditions are on the website. 

Thank you! Trish & the SJ Team