Newsletter 4/03/2024

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

Hello skaters, after a sunny weekend last week, it’s hard to face the rain, but the flowers are blooming, and the flora are a brighter green, so visually, the rain is welcome. We had our first Outdoor Skills Class last week and I’ll offer it a few more times and then we can begin the Outdoor Trail Classes.

Regular classes on Saturday and Sunday at Lynnwood this weekend. Join us and get your roll-on early and enjoy the feeling of having exercised early!

Upcoming Classes & Events

1. Upcoming Class Closures: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend: May 12th & May 25th & 26th.

2. We are going to be offering a series of outdoor skates for a Fundraiser! It will include a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon skates in June/July/Aug (dates will be set this week).

We are super excited about assisting y’all in getting out on the trails and having fun on skates. And right now, we need some Volunteers to skate the Interurban Trail and help us select the sections we will be skating.
a.   5K – Need a 5k stretch, out and back with parking.
b.   10K – Need a 10k stretch out and back with parking.
c.    Half marathon – Need to decide if it should be out and back or one way (transportation back to the start is the question)

  • Can you volunteer to skate the trail near Lynnwood and give us suggestions? 
    • Volunteers get 20% off of classes!
    • If interested, email us.

Skate tip of the week

Don’t Lace Eyelets where your Foot Flexes!

Going back to a tip from a few weeks ago. I started ice skating again and pulled out my Jackson boots and noticed that they now leave the eyelets OUT on the boot where the foot flexes forward. The lack of eyelets decreases the likelihood of extra stress on the tendons as they bend forward in the boot.

Pictured below:
– Left: an skate boot with laces properly, without lacing the eyelets where the foot flexes.

2024 summer camps

Camps are almost full! Camps are still limited camps to 1 camp per child.

Camp Session 1 (July 15 – 19)  – 4 spaces available
Camp Session 2 (July 22 – 26) – 1 spaces available
Camp Session 3 (Aug 5 – 9)      – CAMP FULL!
Camp Session 4 (Aug 12 – 16)  – 13 spaces available

Program Scholarship Options (aka Fee Waivers) – We have additional camp spots remaining for those facing financial obstacles and are approved for a Program Scholarship.

We don’t want finances to stop any youth from participating in our skate programs!

Email us with camp questions or for the Program Scholarship Application!


Thank you for your support! Trish & the SJ Team