Newsletter 3/20/2024

Skate Journeys Inline and Quad Skate School

Our mission is "To teach and transform lives through inline and roller skating."

Weekly Class Updates

Good thing our classes are indoors because the rain this week means we still get to skate!

1.   Join us for weekend classes this Saturday and Sunday. Roller Fitness is back.

a.   And, wanted to apologize as I intended for Roller Fitness last Saturday, but I had an allergy attack, and the headache was real! We plan on Roller Fitness both Saturday and Sunday

b.   Pre-class stretching. I invite all parents to join us on the floor for the pre-stretching at 9:56am for 4 minutes. It is when we can share upcoming events, changes to the schedule, and opportunities for everyone to join in. So get a weekly stretch in and get up to date news.

2.   Fee Waivers: They are for anyone who needs them, whether it is a recent job loss, or medical or a consistent financial situation. Basically, if you don’t come every week because you can’t quite afford it, ask for a fee waiver.

a.   How to apply: reach out to and just put ‘fee wavier’ in the subject line. You’ll fill out a Docusign. Note we do not ask for financials. We ask you if you want 50% or 100%.  Ask for what will make a difference for you! As a non-profit we are committed to have a good percentage of our classes be free to those in need. We haven’t reached that percentage yet. Fee Waivers are reviewed quarterly.

Thanks for skating with us.

Upcoming Classes & Events

The outdoor classes will start soon, and they will include skating the outdoors from curbs to inclines; trail skating (we call it Fitness on Skates) and some new-to-skating outdoors classes. We’ll design all the classes and set them in motion once the weather starts to be nice ON the weekend.

fundraiser fall 2023

I forgot to share the final total in fundraising for this year. Thanks to matching and whopping $10,000 single anonymous donation, we raised $21,716.00 for our fall fundraiser. Thank you for all your donations from $2 to $10,000 We are grateful for your support!

Thank you for your support! Trish & the SJ Team