Newsletter 8/10/2023


Hello skaters, as we near the last few days of our summer camps we are reminded that our kids (and counselors) are such treasurers. The laughs, the smiles, the conversations that occur during camp are the memories of a lifetime. On Mondays at camp, we have an 8am meeting and the counselors share as a group the possibilities they are creating for themselves for camp, the campers and each other. It is with reverence that I share how much I am excited about the generations growing up. They create fun, support, delight, alacrity, patience and so much more for everyone at camp and then they deliver on their promises. The counselors set aside their college prep work, time with friends, sleep and so much more in order to be at camp. And everyone is learning. The counselors take on new moves just like the campers. We are grateful for the chance to create these spaces for camp.

1. Regular classes this weekend, including Slalom both hours. And Trish will be teaching at 8:30am for level 4/5/6.

2. Kozmic Rollerdance Workshop in SEATTLE!

3. 90-min Open-Level Rollerdance Workshop by @kozmicskater (Chloe Seyres): tips, tricks, flow and fun, with a recap-routine at the end!
Sunday, Aug. 27th / in the afternoon – Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine Street, Seattle -$45 (+tax/fees)
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Come join us this weekend for classes.