Outdoor Class Registration


Outdoor classes - how to register.

Outdoor skating classes are available. Our offerings include:

• Outdoor skills class – Learn how to navigate outdoor skating. This class is suitable for adults at Level 3 and children at Level 4 and above. It is a prerequisite for the trails training class. Click here for complete descriptions and details.

• Trails training class – Learn how to skate for long distances with power and efficiency. This class is for adults only. Prior to taking this course, you must complete the outdoor skills class, as you will need to know how to stop with heel and toe brakes on hills. Click here for complete descriptions and details.

For in-depth class information and details, visit our Specialty and Outdoor Class page.


Step 1: Click on WhatsApp Button below. (Brings you to WhatsApp. You must download WhatsApp on your computer or phone) 

Step 2: Join the WhatsApp group “SJ’s Outdoor Skate Classes!”

Step 3: Once you join Let Trish know what class you’re interested in. 

Step 4: Check your WhatsApp for messages about upcoming classes, locations and weather cancelations.

Notes:  We use WhatsApp to notify you of upcoming classes before they are announced in our newsletter.

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