employee Spotlight

Elaine Sher

This week we’re highlighting Elaine Sher, who is one of our newer Skate Instructors. We shared about Jean Gea two weeks ago, who is Elaine’s new husband! Check out the photo from their special surprise skate engagement proposal!

Elaine joined SJ through Jean when they started dating and created a space sharing food, joy and delight. Elaine is rarely without a smile and is always caught up in a sense of WONDER. While a fully responsible adult, when we are around Elaine, there is always a sense of play, and a return to childhood. It’s a curiosity often lost in adulthood. Elaine surrounds herself with really interesting and fun people, and she naturally attracts people because of her ability to bring play to any experience. Of course, her cooking classes also allow her to shine.

Elaine founded & runs www.dashofsoy.com Dash of Soy, a local Seattle culinary school specializing in simple, delicious, and healthy home-cooking inspired by her childhood, family traditions, and world travels. Elaine left the corporate world in 2017 after 20 years in technology marketing, to travel solo and eventually returned to Seattle to pursue her passion for a simpler lifestyle. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Elaine has lived in Canada and the US for 30 years and traveled to 50 countries.
This quarter (Oct – Dec) Elaine is donating 10% of all cooking classes sold to SJ!Elaine, thank you for teaching and volunteering at Skate Journeys, and for contributing to SJ and everyone around you. You make a fun difference to all of us! Thanks for your everlasting smile!