employee Spotlight

Jean Gea

Jean Gea joined Skate Journeys in 2018 when he was discovered buying skates at Shop Task with his friend Raymond. He accepted the invite to take a class and one led to many more classes and Jean, who is a very natural skater, learned quickly. In 2020 he got certified and has been volunteer teaching for SJ ever since. The cool thing about Jean is that he has had so many valuable questions and ideas for SJ, so much so we asked him to join the Board of Directors for Skate Journeys. Jean works for Amazon and shares so many great ideas and thoughts gleaned from his exec job. He continues to be highly involved and continues to shape the direction for SJ.

In 2022 he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and we created a rather elaborate way to make it happen: Naomi Grigg created a dance for a “flash mob” and we all practiced it for a few months. On Thanksgiving, 2022 we performed the Flash Mob Dance, live on Facebook. Elaine’s family were watching it from Vancouver, BC, Canada. We navigated Elaine up to the front of the group, along with Jean and it ended with Jean asking Elaine to marry him. And she said YES!  The reason to share this story is that Jean is fun, creates fun projects, and does it while creating fun in our community. Jean & Elaine started a Monday night skate in Georgetown, which is well attended in warmer times. Being around Jean is like enjoying comfort food, but it’s really, really good for you. I recommend you find Jean in classes or the open skate and introduce yourself. Jean, thanks for all you do for us! We are grateful for your presence, your delightful smile and your energy. You are so, so great.