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employee Spotlight

Jessica Evans

We are delighted to spotlight Jessica Evans in our Employee Spotlight:

Jessica has been skating and teaching with us for years. She got certified when we were still at Skate King in Bellevue. And since then, her son Toby and ‘newish’ husband David has also gotten certified as Skate Instructors. With Jessica, it’s a family package, and even son Tommy shows up and skates occasionally. Jessica added to her accomplishments by getting Certified Level 2 in July. What you don’t know about Jessica is that she is a big time volunteer to Skate Journeys behind the scenes. This lovely person teaches nearly every Saturday and Sunday (even though she has a full-time job at a law firm) and during the week she sorts out the Instructor teaching grid – getting staff to sign up for weekend classes, sorting out who will teach which classes, and relaying that info to our Database person, Jillian, every single week.

Jessica also just loves to skate. She has a bunch of us staying until noon and skating together post classes (after a quick drive through at Starbucks) and we all get to enjoy skating from noon until 1pm together. Jessica always has a smile, volunteers about 32 hours a month, and well, is such an impactful contribution to our organization. She is delightful, insightful, and an all-around GREAT person. Jessica, thanks for who you are and how you contribute at classes and behind the scenes!