employee Spotlight

Jordan Hass

Delighted to take a moment and share about one of our newer employees, who is making a huge difference for Skate Journeys. Jordan came to us through his friendship with Isaiah, and it’s been great for us in so many ways. Jordan started a few years ago as a Weekend Host, got certified, taught at Summer Camps last year and has been going strong ever since. He teaches at our ASPs (Afterschool Programs) and is our Saturday Host, managing all things at our front desk and gear areas. One of our favorite things about Jordan is his ability to both be responsible about his work and yet be so playful with the junior counselors and our kids. He’s sometimes just a big kid, but always with a level of keeping a solid eye on everything that has us sing his praises.

So cheers to Jordan, for who he is out in the world and for us at Skate Journeys. We are grateful for his leadership and his ability to be fun!

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