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employee Spotlight

Rox Maidesil

We have so many amazing people on our staff. This week we want to make sure you know Rox Maidesil who is our programs manager. Rox drives the van to classes each week, manages our gear, runs out in school, after school and weekend classes. She was also our CAMP manager for 2023. Her calm and delightful presence was noted by several staff at CAMP as they filled out a survey and answer the question, “who made a difference for you at CAMP” and it was her name the majority of the time.  Please introduce yourself to her, enjoy her classes and one thing you may not know about her? She loves the Skate Park, it’s her favorite way to skate and as a Quad Skater, that makes her the BOSS in the park. Rox is Certified as Level 1, Level 2 and a Skate Park Instructor!  We are grateful she works for us and with us and she makes a HUGE difference at Skate Journeys!