employee Spotlight

Tamara Sherry

We are excited to share about the utter joy and delight that is Tamara Sherry. We met her when she was at Skate King with her daughter Isabelle and she brought along her husband Mason Sherry (Slalom King) and kids Isabelle and Florian (who we figured was 4 years old when the rest of the family started). Tamara is at classes on Sunday mornings as our Host, checking y’all in as you walk through the door. She does attendance, and supports the new B1 students and the whole rink with her eagle eye to make sure all our students and staff get what they need! From gear to treats, from name tags to info, Tamara is our go-to person who with her charming smile helps us all! And, she is also our Human Resource Manager. She is in charge of on-boarding all our volunteers, staff and even those getting fee waivers. She’s been with us a very long time (Florian is now in high school…..) and we love her, cherish her, and are grateful for all that she brings to us.