employee Spotlight

Debbie Sumner

Debbie Sumner met Trish in the year 2000, when Debbie, as a Certified Skate Instructor, taught a class at a conference called: Olympics for Kids. It was a super fun seminar about turning kids’ classes into Olympic Events.

Since then, Trish and Debbie have enjoyed a long-time relationship as she built the first SkateIA website for Trish, helped her come up with the name Skate Instructors Association and supported her with website issues for a long time.

Debbie also was the Examiner for certifying many of our current and past instructors to become fully fledged instructors.

She now works nearly full time for Skate Journeys from her place in sunny Hunnington Beach, California.

She is one of our offsite/remote workers and is tackling the job of IT, Website design/upkeep, Salesforce and some accounting. Talk about chief, cook, and bottle washer!

When not working for SJ, she is also a Level 3 Ski Instructor, runs a Nordic Walking company and has recently branched out to becoming a Life Coach. I can verify her talents in all of those endeavors, but especially the coaching. When I need coaching, I call her up!

Debbie’s has a beloved dog, Cassie, who is a mainstay when we check in on Teams. Debbie so loves dogs that she supports a dog-inclusive lifestyle which includes creating opportunities for those who travel with dogs to know what hotels, restaurants etc are available for you and your furry companion. Suffice it to say that Debbie loves well and we LOVE having her on our team.


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