Newsletter 8/31/2023

Hello students and parents, I saw a meme last week that August is to summer what Sunday is to the weekend. And now it’s September….. while kids are returning to school, we are busy getting ready for the school year at Skate Journeys. 1.    We are closed this weekend for the holiday. We resume Sunday […]

Newsletter 8/24/2023

Hello skaters,Happy to share that the air conditioner at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate was efficient and the air was clear and cool, so join us weekly for classes where the weather is always great. 1. Regular classes this weekend, Mason is out, but double check on Friday for a slalom class. Jay always wants to […]

Newsletter 8/19/2023 – Quick update

Hello everyone, 3 very quick notes: 1. Jay is teaching slalom second hour. 2. The Rink revamped their air conditioning, and it now works great, so smoke issues and/or heat outside should not affect our classes. In fact, likely a reprieve. 3. Covid is active, take a test, or cancel your class if feeling ill. […]

Newsletter 8/17/2023

Happy nearly end of the summer everyone. Many of you are on your vacations or simply enjoying the ‘before school starts’ summer. Get that book read, lay on the beach, go fly fishing, skating or take a walk in the woods. It’s a beautiful time of the year.  1. Regular classes this weekend.  Mason is […]

Real Simple Article

Skate Journeys “In the Press” November 24, 2022.  Trish Alexandar, Executive Director of Skate Journeys discusses the benefits of roller and inline skating and how to get started. Click here to read Article

Newsletter 8/10/2023

Hello skaters, as we near the last few days of our summer camps we are reminded that our kids (and counselors) are such treasurers. The laughs, the smiles, the conversations that occur during camp are the memories of a lifetime. On Mondays at camp, we have an 8am meeting and the counselors share as a […]

Newsletter 8/3/2023

Regular classes this weekend, there is slalom second hour only…with Jay. Equipment: do you know that we have a great page on equipment on our website? We share with you details on what skates to buy (and not buy) [https://] It’s really important to buy a supportive skate, good wheels that roll easily and a […]