Spotlight – Debbie

employee Spotlight Debbie Sumner Debbie Sumner met Trish in the year 2000, when Debbie, as a Certified Skate Instructor, taught a class at a conference called: Olympics for Kids. It was a super fun seminar about turning kids’ classes into Olympic Events. Since then, Trish and Debbie have enjoyed a long-time relationship as she built the first SkateIA […]

Spotlight – Jordan Hass

employee Spotlight Jordan Hass Delighted to take a moment and share about one of our newer employees, who is making a huge difference for Skate Journeys. Jordan came to us through his friendship with Isaiah, and it’s been great for us in so many ways. Jordan started a few years ago as a Weekend Host, […]

Spotlight – Elaine

employee Spotlight Elaine Sher This week we’re highlighting Elaine Sher, who is one of our newer Skate Instructors. We shared about Jean Gea two weeks ago, who is Elaine’s new husband! Check out the photo from their special surprise skate engagement proposal! Elaine joined SJ through Jean when they started dating and created a space […]

Spotlight – Jean

employee Spotlight Jean GeaJean Gea joined Skate Journeys in 2018 when he was discovered buying skates at Shop Task with his friend Raymond. He accepted the invite to take a class and one led to many more classes and Jean, who is a very natural skater, learned quickly. In 2020 he got certified and has […]

Spotlight – Mason

employee Spotlight Mason SherryMason teaches Slalom on Sundays, and skates slalom every other day of the week. He also can be found skating Greenlake daily. He’s been skating with us and teaching with us for well over a decade and he is STILL so excited to teach each week. When not skating, he is the […]

Spotlight – Jessica

employee Spotlight Jessica Evans We are delighted to spotlight Jessica Evans in our Employee Spotlight: Jessica has been skating and teaching with us for years. She got certified when we were still at Skate King in Bellevue. And since then, her son Toby and ‘newish’ husband David has also gotten certified as Skate Instructors. With […]

Spotlight – Tamara

employee Spotlight Tamara Sherry We are excited to share about the utter joy and delight that is Tamara Sherry. We met her when she was at Skate King with her daughter Isabelle and she brought along her husband Mason Sherry (Slalom King) and kids Isabelle and Florian (who we figured was 4 years old when the […]

Spotlight- Rox

employee Spotlight Rox Maidesil We have so many amazing people on our staff. This week we want to make sure you know Rox Maidesil who is our programs manager. Rox drives the van to classes each week, manages our gear, runs out in school, after school and weekend classes. She was also our CAMP manager […]